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Free Voice Mail

Red Bear Connects Free Voice Mail is available for free in Nova Scotia for people experiencing poverty, homelessness, or at risk of becoming homeless. Participants receive a telephone number with an extension to a private voice mail box where messages can be left for you.  Messages are confidential and can only be retrieved by you.

Red Bear Connects Voice Mail has the following features:

  • Access messages through any phone 24/7 toll free

  • Forward messages to anyone also using the voice mail system

  • Leave messages for other people using the voice mail system without making another call

  • Unlimited message capacity

  • Make and change greetings and passwords

  • File messages in folders

  • An option to have a copy of your voice mail messages automatically sent to your e-mail 

  • Messages are time and date stamped

Voice Mail will be available at no charge for people experiencing poverty and will continue pending availability of funding.  Voice mail users must renew their service annually in December by contacting 902 448-4744 or

Red Bear Connects Voice Mail Help and User Guide and poster is available by request.

Sign Up for Red Bear Connects Voice Mail by contacting us at (902) 448-4744 most days between 10 am - 9 pm; or, call 211 if you do not have long distance access and they will connect you to us.

Comments About

Red Bear Connects

• This is a really good service you are providing
-75% of those who register


• This is a appreciated and valued service that helps people who couldn’t get housing or jobs without a phone service so it’s a life saver for all who need it,  can’t thank all who make it happen enough but thank you,thank you, thank you bunches !!!!!!

• I don’t have a phone...eases the stress on my neighbours so I don’t have to borrow

• This has changed my life 100%

• It is like a phone without a phone


• It is a lifeline for me - couldn’t have gotten back on my feet without it.


• For those who don’t have a phone can use awesome way to keep in touch with local businesses for work... I found that the services provided by Red Bear got me off the street and a very decent job thank you so much.


• Job search is not possible to carry on when employers cannot reach an applicant easily. • If this service didn’t exist, I would have never been able to get a job, and find the apartment I am currently living in. 

• This service is awesome! 



I think the service is excellent. It's always reliable

- Nathan


Great for people who don't have a phone.

- Archie, Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Network

To Sign Up for

Free Voice Mail


(902) 448-4744 or dial 211

10am - 9pm most days

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I moved here from Africa and Red Bear helped me to get phone messages while I was waiting to get my phone. It helped me get a job and to be able to communicate with my children. Red Bear is awesome. I would recommend it to anyone. - Kiprotich


Really helpful service. I'm happy my clients can use it.- Lorie, AIDS Coalition of NS 

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